Deck-Type Gas Ovens

We offer Gas Ovens,Deck Type Gas Ovens Manufacturer Suppliers in India.CoolStar offers over 25 different models of range deck type gas ovens. Including models from top commercial kitchen equipment & cooking equipment suppliers, CoolStar offers customers the satisfaction of product variety and performance for every type of food-industry need. Garland offers a line of range deck type gas ovens including pizza oven, Air Desk pizza ovens, general purpose models and Bake/Roast ovens. Specs include Pyrorock hearths, throttle thermostats and stainless steel perforated decks with max temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit and a max BTU range of 120,000. Montague offers a line of range deck type pizza gas ovens with specs including a single or double 8” high deck with 650 degree Fahrenheit thermostats and a high flue black deflector.

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